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Wooden Windows

Wooden windows represent style and classic.

Mestre Raposa International® would like to create a new position in the market with its tested wooden window products from the University of Coimbra and the FCBA in Bordeaux.

Due to incorrect processing and surface treatment, wooden window and door products manufactured for decades have withstood the climate of southern countries for a short time.

The storage of the wood and the treatment of its residual moisture, the mechanical processing on ultra-modern CNC machines from Weinig and the use of long-lasting water-soluble varnishes and top coats from the leading manufacturer Adler-Lacke exceed the service life of other materials.

What else do wooden windows represent?

Anyone who chooses wooden windows thinks of a better future. The raw material is constantly growing and can be fully biodegraded. Wooden windows are environmentally friendly. Wood ages, but it can be gracefully renovated, unlike other materials.

Wooden windows have character and are and will remain the classic among windows. Wood is a living and warm material and feels good.

Wooden windows have better statics because the frame material is more stable, the profiles do not sag over time due to the weight. In case of a fire, wooden windows remain stable for longer and do not release any toxic dioxins or gases.

Wooden windows have a wide range of profiles that can be used and an endless variety of colors, glazes and varnishes. They fit for all architectural projects.

Mestre Raposa International® has extensive experience in wooden window and door projects. If you have a project for us, visit our exhibition or book a video conference.

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