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Windows and Doors

Windows and doors play an important architectural and stylistic role in the exterior design of the building and give the façade of the building its character.


In addition to our standard thresholds, we are pleased to offer the revolutionary 0 threshold, a product developed by Alumat in 1996.

Modern Solutions

Within the modern construction landscape, we offer aluminum slimslide systems in large dimensions, balcony doors with an absolutely tight magnetic threshold.

Windows&Doors / Popularity

With 20 years of expertise, Mestre Raposa International® stands as a company of excellence in the windows and doors market.


In the world of windows and doors, innovation plays a crucial role in ensuring energy efficiency and overall performance. One key component is the Swisspacer.


Folding doors are the alternative to sliding doors and open completely to one side as a leaf package.

Lift-and-Slide Doors

Lift-sliding doors are the premium product among sliding doors and meet the highest demands in terms of function, safety, thermal protection and design.

Windows Installation

When buying windows, there are important criteria that go beyond quality that only a specialised window company can fulfil.


Mestre Raposa International® announces that has been honored with not just one but two distinguished awards, underscoring our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Uv Protection

Mestre Raposa has 20 years of experience with wooden windows and doors on the southern European market. Wooden windows and doors in southern Europe have many times more exposure to high UV radiation than in central and eastern Europe.

Windows / Wood-aluminium

Why are aluminum wooden windows the best choice for your home? The wood-aluminium mix for windows, terrace doors, entrance doors and large glass doors guarantees excellent insulation values and is ideal for passive houses.

Safety and Hygiene

Mestre Raposa International® supplies antibacterial and antimicrobial window and door handles for its high-quality windows and doors.

Professional / Installation Services

When evaluating the significance of window and door installations, it becomes evident that the installation process holds a paramount importance, constituting at least 50% of the overall quality assessment.

Windows&doors / House Systems

Mestre Raposa International® Portugal is a system house independent brand for high-quality and latest technology windows and doors systems. System house means working together with the various complex systems of leading manufacturers.

Zip Screens

Mestre Raposa International® offers the best zip screens for shading large areas of slim slide or minimalist sliding systems. This solution adapts perfectly to owners of new villas who have large window openings and need a shading system and insect protection.

Chambers of Commerce

Mestre Raposa International®, a member of the German, English and French Chambers of Commerce, has maintained its membership for 20 years. This longstanding affiliation has proven especially fruitful as the largest group of foreign customers originates from these chambers.

Wooden Windows / Accoya

Mestre Raposa International® has been successfully dealing with the weather and UV resistance of wooden windows and doors for many years.

Wooden Windows

Wooden windows represent style and classic. Mestre Raposa International® would like to create a new position in the market with its tested wooden window products from the University of Coimbra and the FCBA in Bordeaux.

Windows&doors / France

During the 17th and 18th centuries, an increasing desire for light and bright indoor spaces led to rapid innovation in window design, with the invention of ‘Gueule de Loup’ wood windows and doors in 19th-century France proving particularly transformative in terms of engineering.

Wooden Windows / Fire Resistant Windows

With the recent high temperatures and fires all over Europe, it is imperative to find ways to keep your house protected from the heat.

Windows / Aluminium

With a growing demand for modern architecture, aluminium windows and large format sliding systems have emerged as the epitome of design, minimalism and aesthetics.

Windows&Doors / Architectural

As an innovative manufacturer of wood/wood-aluminium windows, Mestre Raposa International® wants to give the wood window the place it deserves on the market.

Windows / Minimalist

When it comes to contemporary projects, Mestre Raposa International® collaborates closely with the esteemed Swiss company, Sky-Frame, known for its expertise in frameless windows. The partnership has equipped Mestre Raposa International® with unparalleled experience in project management, particularly for architectural endeavors that require the highest level of precision and attention to detail.

Windows&Doors / Popularity

The market share for PVC windows is significantly larger than that of aluminium and wooden windows. PVC window frames and doors are mass-produced, greatly reducing manufacturing costs and affording a cost advantage over aluminium and wooden windows.

Windows&Doors / Ecological

The return of windows, entrance doors, balcony doors and large wooden sliding doors is in full alignment with the trend of many architects, planners and builders. They have never actually disappeared, but they have become more competitive with other materials.

Windows&Doors / Sustainability

Mestre Raposa International® wood-aluminium windows are the product of two high-quality window materials. While you enjoy the natural look and good insulating properties of wood on the inside, the aluminium on the outside guarantees high weather resistance and very little maintenance.
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