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Elevate your space with elegant folding shutters in aluminum and wood, perfect for shading and controlling ambient light

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Exterior opening shutters in aluminum and wood are used to shade and regulate the ambient light of a space. They are a typical feature of Moorish style and often contribute to enhancing the architectural aesthetics of other regions. Interior opening shutters, traditionally used in the south, are available in a variety of designs.

In Mediterranean countries, opening shutters are part of the traditional architectural style.

Whether in the renovation of historic buildings, farms, or old houses in villages, they radiate the charm of the south.

Mestre Raposa can provide these typical opening shutters in various colors and designs, whether in wood or aluminum.

Interior opening shutters with decorative details are also available, completely customized according to the architects’ and clients’ desires.

The opening shutters are made to measure, enhancing the building’s aesthetics and providing protection against the sun and heat.

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