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Accoya Wooden Windows and Mestre Raposa International®

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Accoya wooden windows

Mestre Raposa International® has been successfully dealing with the weather and UV resistance of wooden windows and doors for many years.

Portugal is one of the countries in Europe that places the highest demands on wood processing and UV resistance for wooden windows. With up to 300 sunny days a year and with the Atlantic climate quickly leaving its mark on wooden windows and doors, the stress on the material is many times higher than in the northern regions. In ignorance of the effects of these climatic conditions on the material, the general opinion is that wood is not suitable because it rots quickly. However, this assumption is completely wrong because there is a lack of knowledge of modern and high-quality wooden window processing. This also applies to the Spanish market and French market.

Mestre Raposa International® implemented the first wooden window projects in Accoya wood in the immediate vicinity of the sea 10 years ago and to date there has been no signs of wear or any deterioration of the surface.

The advantage of Accoya timber windows is that they will not swell, shrink or rot. The acetylation treatment makes the wood harder than teak or other tropical woods, resulting in less damage to the coating and making the windows last much longer. Accoya gives a 50-year guarantee on the durability of the wood.

Captivating Rustic House with Accoya Wood

Accoya wood is ideal for fabricating all types and shapes of contemporary windows, as well as historic and custom timber windows and doors.

Accoya wood is FSC® certified and sustainably sourced, making it more environmentally friendly than aluminum or PVC or tropical timber.

Mestre Raposa International® specializes in resistant wooden windows in southern Europe because we want to give wooden windows the importance they deserve.

The color palette includes all Ral colors and 1950 NCS colors.

If you have a challenging wooden window project, then Mestre Raposa International® is the right partner for you. Visit our exhibition and let us show you the many projects we have realized over the past 20 years or book a video conference.

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