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Advanced Swisspacer Performance with Mestre Raposa Windows

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In the world of windows and doors, innovation plays a crucial role in ensuring energy efficiency and overall performance. One key component making waves in this industry is the Swisspacer, a game-changer in the construction of windows. Mestre Raposa International, a stalwart in the industry with a rich history of over 5,000 successful projects, integrates the best Swisspacer on the market into their windows, delivering exceptional quality and energy performance.

What is Swisspacer?

Swisspacer is a spacer bar designed to offer the lowest thermal conductivity and a wide aesthetic scope for window design. These spacer bars play a vital role in enhancing the insulating effect of windows, leading to energy savings and reduced costs. In essence, a spacer is a strip of material, such as plastics, metals or foams, that separates and supports the glass panes in a window, which results in improved thermal performance and reduced heat loss at the edges of the insulating glass unit.

Mestre Raposa Windows - Swisspacer

Why is Swisspacer important?

Swisspacer is essential for various reasons. Its proven capacity for different requirements ensures superior energy efficiency, optimal living comfort and significant CO2 savings. The warm edge design, available in a variety of colors with a velvety matte finish, not only enhances the functionality but also adds an elegant touch to the overall appearance of windows and façades.

Benefits of Swisspacer:

  • Consistent lambda-equivalent values: Swisspacer ensures an edge bond with the highest quality and consistent Lambda-equivalent values, thanks to the lowest possible product tolerances.
  • Improved thermal performance: Swisspacer delivers exceptional thermal performance, effectively minimizing heat loss and enhancing the heat transfer coefficient (Uw) for windows.
  • Optimal process capability: With its high fracture strength, Swisspacer ensures optimal process capability, making it suitable for use in large frames and triple-glazed units.
  • Smooth and bright surface: Swisspacer provides a smooth and bright surface finish, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the windows.
  • Reduced condensation risk: By maintaining more consistent temperatures across the glass surface, Swisspacer helps to minimize the risk of condensation forming on windows, preventing potential moisture-related issues.
  • Noise dampening: The design of Swisspacer aids in reducing sound transmission through windows, providing a quieter indoor environment by dampening external noise.

Mestre Raposa and Swisspacer Integration:

Mestre Raposa, a leading company in windows and doors, recognizes the significance of energy-efficient solutions. With Swisspacer, we prioritize environmental sustainability by enhancing energy efficiency and minimizing heat loss, thereby reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainable building practices.

The Swisspacer, chosen by Mestre Raposa, enables the achievement of the lowest possible U values, aligning with the trend towards nearly zero-energy houses. With a commitment to reliable process stability, insertion and a high-quality appearance, Mestre Raposa ensures their clients receive the perfect combination of performance and design.

With a track record of over 5,000 successful projects, Mestre Raposa is a trustworthy company known for its quick response to inquiries within 5 working days. Our dedicated professional team handles all inquiries with expertise, offering a complete product range from standard wooden windows, doors and shutters to more specific profiles, all at competitive prices.

We invite you to visit our showroom, contact us and send us your requests.

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