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Safety / Hygiene

Mestre Raposa International® supplies antibacterial and antimicrobial window and door handles for its high-quality windows and doors.

In view of the many pandemics such as Covid 19 recently, hygiene has become a very important issue.

As you may have heard, door handles are big germ carriers and using a doorknob is like shaking hands with thousands of strangers.

Thanks to the technology, there are antibacterial and antimicrobial surfaces for door and window handles. Infections and viruses transmitted via handles can thus be effectively stopped.

Mestre Raposa International® & HOPPE®

Mestre Raposa International® uses SecuSan® from Hoppe, a German brand.
SecuSan® immediately and permanently suppresses the growth of pathogens on the handle, as confirmed by independent laboratory and field tests and actively protects against the spread of germs and bacteria.

Let’s see how it works:
• High bacterial load on the surface;
• Silver ions destroy the cell membrane of the germ;
• Germs are killed;
• There is a significant reduction in the bacterial load on the surface.

SecuSan® surfaces contain silver ions embedded in a ceramic glass carrier system. They are an active part of this material and prevent the growth of germs such as bacteria, algae and fungi. The silver ions destroy the cell membrane of the germ. This stops the respiration and nutrition of the cells and thus prevents cell division.
Independent tests have proven that SecuSan® reduces microbial growth by more than 99%. The SecuSan® surface remains effective even with regular cleaning.

SecuSan® Antibacterial Handles

We recommend the SecuSan® antibacterial handles for healthcare buildings, schools or places with a higher number of people such as gyms or hotels. Due to the increase in pandemics, you can use this technology to protect yourself comprehensively against the transmission of germs.
Mestre Raposa International® as a supplier of high-quality windows and doors would like to inform you that this can be taken into account when ordering.

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