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Modern Solutions

With a rich portfolio of over 5000 successfully completed projects, Mestre Raposa International® stands as the sole comprehensive supplier of all systems across various materials. Our uniqueness lies in the dedicated expertise and specialized personnel required to execute such projects seamlessly.

At Mestre Raposa International®, a significant number of our projects are customized and meticulously planned with a keen eye for detail by our valued customers and skilled architects. Our capabilities extend beyond the ordinary, when producing special wooden doors in English styles or replicating ancient Spanish wooden door designs it’s all about the details. Historical wooden windows, faithfully recreated from 200-year-old blueprints, are just as readily available and certified as our contemporary counterparts.

Our extensive range of profiles and state-of-the-art machining ensures precision and quality in the production of all wooden windows and doors. Backed by a solid 20-year guarantee for Accoya wood, benefit with the durability of our Accoya windows and doors.

Conversely, within the modern construction landscape, we offer aluminum slimslide systems in large dimensions, balcony doors with an absolutely tight magnetic and barrier-free threshold. All secured with security alarm systems and secure glass against break-ins, ensuring the safety of your family. Always with the right shading with integrated boxes, covering areas of up to 18 square meters. For those warm days, our insect screens, available in generous sizes, complement our dimming sliding systems perfectly.

Take advantage of the best aluminum windows and doors available in the market, featuring modern profiles and a wide range of accessories. Every product is rigorously tested and certified by the IFT Institute, providing you with a solid 10-year guarantee.

For smaller properties with budget considerations, Mestre Raposa International® offers German UPVC windows and doors, ensuring quality with a 10-year guarantee. Our new range of uPVC window colors, coupled with the innovative cool colors film and angular shapes, renders these modern windows virtually indistinguishable from their aluminum counterparts.

Working with Mestre Raposa International® offers numerous advantages for customers — particularly due to our extensive experience in southern countries, including Portugal, France and Spain.

We provide a seamless and easy experience by serving as the sole partner for all needs, benefit from consistent quality without the complexity of dealing with multiple partners with varying conditions and guarantees. From planning and measuring to installation, our experienced and dedicated teams handle every aspect of your project.

Explore the unique advantages that only Mestre Raposa International® can offer in Portugal — where our 20 years of continuous growth and deep understanding of our customers’ needs and preferences make all the difference.

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