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The market share for PVC windows is significantly larger than that of aluminium and wooden windows. PVC window frames and doors are mass-produced, greatly reducing manufacturing costs and affording a cost advantage over aluminium and wooden windows. The end product does not have to be inferior as a result, provided that high-quality polyvinyl chloride with high UV protection is used. This is important for longevity and especially for white windows to prevent yellowing. Mestre Raposa recognises customer demand for PVC windows, which are often well suited to customer requirements.

In recent years, the proportion of PVC window installations has increased in southern Europe, after decades of only very basic aluminium windows being in demand. PVC windows are now replacing these simple aluminium systems and are preferable on every level.

PVC Balcony door, tradional portuguese Summer house

However, the difference in quality between the PVC products from Mestre Raposa International® and local suppliers is distinct. Profiles are often produced in southern Europe where systems are outdated and no longer meet the latest quality standards. Production can also be impacted because the technical capabilities that exist in central and northern Europe are unavailable in the South.

Without exception, Mestre Raposa International® supplies and installs systems from Salamander Brügmann. For coloured PVC windows or dark wood imitations, films are only ever applied using Cool Colors technology, which prevents overheating in strong sunlight and guarantees colour durability.

Minimalist house with PVC slidding glass balcony doors and shutters

By necessity, windows and doors in southern Europe have to meet significantly higher quality standards than in central and northern Europe. This is mainly down to solar radiation and the significant fluctuations in temperature between day and night. These standards are even more demanding when it comes to coastal projects.

Mestre Raposa International® is a well-regarded company and has been active in southern Europe for over 20 years. Get in touch in order to benefit from our solid reputation, experience and expertise for your next project.

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