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The Power of Networking: 20-Year Chambers of Commerce Member


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Chambers of commerce

Mestre Raposa International®, a member of the German, English and French Chambers of Commerce, has maintained its membership for 20 years. This longstanding affiliation has proven especially fruitful as the largest group of foreign customers originates from these chambers.

Chambers of Commerce are private non-profit organizations that promote commerce, industry, tourism and culture in the countries they represent.

A chamber of commerce, or board of trade, is a form of business network. It is a private business association at the service of companies to particularly promote the development of its members at national and international level. It works to support associated companies, namely in their growth. We can also consider it as a promoter of connection between SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and large companies.

Chambers of commerce - Lisbon, Portugal

One of its benefits is to provide important and relevant information to its members. There is some information that cannot be obtained through the media and that is important for a company. And this is where Chambers of Commerce come in. Through them we can get economic information from the countries which companies are planning investments. Information about tax and commercial law, for example, is often provided and made easier to understand.

Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Portugal International Chamber of Commerce, Luso-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Chamber of Commerce, World Chamber Federation

For a window and door company like Mestre Raposa International® it is also important to be informed first-hand about the current situation in the most important countries and to benefit from the Chambers network. It is a good opportunity to find interesting business contacts in order to increase export opportunities.

Mestre Raposa International® has been based in Paris with its own company for 4 years and thus makes orders for wooden windows and doors as well as special historical projects on the French market in direct cooperation with architects, contractors and resellers. It is therefore important to be well informed on other markets.

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