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The return of the wooden windows in 1950 NCS colours at
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As an innovative manufacturer of wood/wood-aluminium windows, Mestre Raposa International® wants to give the wood window the place it deserves on the market.

Colour variations are of great importance, which is not always the case with other materials, as wooden windows can be painted any colour.

Colour language is far more complex and demanding today than it was a few years ago. Colour is not only becoming more important in fashion and product design but also in natural products such as stone, metal and the wood used in window frames, as the Mestre Raposa International® team has discovered in numerous discussions with architects and project developers.

The most important colour collection in the field of architecture is still the “RAL Classic”, introduced in 1927, which today contains 213 standardized colours that can be reproduced in large parts of the industry.

RAL colours are the most commonly used shades for wood/wood-aluminium windows, specifically the 203 shades that Mestre Raposa International® works with.

NCS Color systems in use 3 step process

For discerning customers, Mestre Raposa International® now offers the Natural Color System (NCS), consisting of 1950 shades, for its high-quality wooden door and window products. You can find our colour palette here:

With the RAL Classic and Natural Color System (NCS) colour palettes, Mestre Raposa is able to offer a total of 2153 shades.

The broad range of colours available for wood/wood-aluminium windows surpasses all other existing colour options for aluminium or plastic windows and is, therefore, an additional argument in favour of wooden windows.

The ambitious team at Mestre Raposa International® is constantly working with great enthusiasm to improve our range of natural wood products and create unique selling points compared to other materials.

With the addition of the Natural Color System NCS colour palette, this has been fully realized.

samples of Wood color treatment, NCS Color systems

Mestre Raposa International® is a European supplier and manufacturer of all types of wooden windows in the building sector, as well as a manufacturer and wholesaler of historical windows.

Mestre Raposa International® is a window company specialising in wood and wood-aluminium windows in southern Europe. The environmental demands on materials, production techniques and the appropriate surface treatments are higher than in Central and Northern Europe and especially for projects in coastal locations. Let us advise you. We have completed over 1000 wood window projects of all sizes, both uncomplicated and creatively challenging. Our products are tested by the FCBA Institute in Bordeaux and the University of Coimbra.

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