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Ultimate Shading Solutions: Zip Screens for larger Slimslides and
Sliding Systems

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Mestre Raposa
Zip Screens

Mestre Raposa International® offers the best zip screens for shading large areas of slim slide or minimalist sliding systems. This solution adapts perfectly to owners of new villas who have large window openings and need a shading system and insect protection.

Mestre Raposa International® is a house system which has been working with ROMA for 15 years. The advantage is that this impeccable system has been tested in the wind tunnel up to a size of 18 sqm with a wind force of 12.

It’s worth noting that a selection of slim slide’s valued suppliers includes Eco-Steel, Panoramah, Vitrocsa, Arkial, Technal, Jofebar and Skyframe, among several others. It’s important to highlight that these suppliers specialize in providing outstanding sliding systems. However, if you’re also seeking solutions for shading and insect protection, it’s worth exploring additional options such as Mestre Raposa International® and ROMA, as these suppliers primarily focus on the sliding aspect.

Mestre Raposa International® and ROMA

Sliding windows are modern and very trendy and nowadays can be seen everywhere in southern Europe, as well as slim slide and minimalist large-format window openings.

Zip screens offer new design possibilities, once they are available in different structures. Mestre Raposa International® provides its customers a large selection of different textiles and colors. In this way, architects, builders and project managers have efficient solutions for shading, insect and sun protection in the planning phase of a project, especially the large window areas.

Impeccable Zip Screen System in differnt house styles

We would be happy to invite you to our exhibition, where we can show you, among other things, an 18 sqm zip screen or you can also schedule a video conference with us.

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