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UV Protection for Wooden Windows and Doors

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Mestre Raposa has 20 years of experience with wooden windows and doors on the southern European market.

Wooden windows and doors in southern Europe have many times more exposure to high UV radiation than in central and eastern Europe.

This is particularly true if the property is close to the sea, but also for projects located in the mountains, where there is also higher UV radiation.

A window manufacturer must therefore have extensive know-how and the technical prerequisites to achieve the high quality standards required.

It’s not just about the wooden windows and doors being planed to the right dimensions, as was maybe still the case a few years ago, but also about coordinated production processes in surface treatment and manufacturing.

the first step for high-quality wooden windows and doors


Mestre Raposa uses different types of wood in its wooden window and door products. Each type of wood has different properties, which is why different products are used for the impregnation, intermediate and top coats of pine, larch or oak.

Impregnation reliably compensates for the irregular absorption behaviour of the various wood types and offers the best protection against hydrocyanic acids and destructive fungi.

Lignin stabilisation permanently protects the wood from environmental influences, which is becoming an increasing problem.


The highly transparent top coat for a long service life


A highly transparent top coat provides UV protection in combination with perfect natural transparency and a natural look.

This new technology protects the wooden window perfectly and the matt gloss level gives it a natural appearance.


2K top coat for extreme weather conditions


A water-based 2K top coat enable wooden windows to stand the test of time. It has excellent UV protection, extreme scratch resistance as well as high chemical resistance.

Despite the high hardness, the strain is extremely elastic, which means that damage can hardly arise.

This coating has excellent weather and UV protection, outstanding pore pattern and very high mechanical resistance.


High damage resistance on wooden doors


A surface treatment with excellent UV protection properties is available for high mechanical resistance on house doors around the lock or on the lower edge of the door to protect against shoes.

This ensures maximum durability and surface hardness and prevents cracks or peeling.

It is ideal for very heavy use in public buildings such as offices, schools, kindergartens, hotels or similar facilities

Over the last 20 years, Mestre Raposa has carried out over 5000 projects in Portugal, France and Spain.

We are the leading quality company with the many options, for example the selection of different types of wood, the final treatment of wooden windows and doors with over 2000 color options by NCS Farben. We have qualified assembly teams to carry out the assembly work.

Come to our showroom and arrange a visit or send us your project.

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