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Zipscreens – Shading – Insect protection


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Mestre Raposa has the ideal solution for you!

Zipscreens can be mounted on your windows and doors over a surface of up to 6 meters in one element only.

Generous windows and doors are modern and very trendy. They allow the natural light coming into your home. But so far it was hard to find any suitable glare protection screen from textiles which cover the entire surface of your windows and doors.   Furthermore zipscreens are real all-rounders among the textile screens. They provide not only anti-glare but also heat and insect protection for your windows and doors. As glare protection they still allow enough daylight into your home, providing a natural room ambience and at the same time a good View to the outside.

Minimal windows and doors with large glass surfaces require an efficient shading solution.

As a heat protector it can reflect solar radiation. In the summer it remains pleasantly cool and shady, and in winter, the heat cannot escape as fast to the outside. This system helps save significant heating costs, because a winter in the Algarve can be very wet and freezy. If the zipscreen is completely closed, it serves as an effective insect repellent!

With zipscreens, there are completely new design possibilities, because they are available in different colors and structures.

To ensure that in the planning phase of a project, Architects, builders and projects managers, planning to have large window surfaces, have efficient solutions for shading, insect and solar protection.

If you would like to learn more about zipscreens, simply a look on our product page at zipscreens, or join us directly in our showroom in Loulé. We will be very glad to answer any questions you may have, and to welcoming you!

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