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Wood Windows & Balcony Doors

Warmth and a timeless appeal.

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Mestre Raposa's Wood Windows & Balcony Doors

Insulation and weather behaviour

Wood is a durable material that transmits warmth and comfort. With a good thermal insulation (UF 1.3 W/(m2K) and UW up to 0.92 W/(m2K)) and a good acoustic insulation (DIN EN ISO 140-3/717-1 ndB: 32-52), it also offers protection against the weather and its elements, due to our special surface treatment.
Wood prevents static electricity, thus decreasing the possibility of getting those annoying shocks in cold or dry weather, and it presents excellent static quality in what expansion and contraction when exposed to extreme temperatures – in both cold and heat – is concerned. And with a special treatment it’s even more fire-resistant than PVC!

Wood windows and balcony doors custom-made to your project

Mestre Raposa’s wood windows and balcony doors can be completely bespoke in what size and shape is concerned, to fit any design or architectural style, and they are available in a wide variety of woods, colours and finishes, including different coatings, varnishes and impregnations.
And because we are committed to preserving our environment, all the paints and products used for treating our wood windows and balcony doors are ecological and environmental friendly.
Our wood windows and balcony doors’ surface temperature is quite comfortable and their touch is warm and cosy. Highly durable, they are resistant to continuous wear and tear but, because our homes and tastes change with time, they can always be altered with different colours and finishes, so you never get tired of them!

Suitable for historic preservation or modern projects

Wooden windows and balcony doors are becoming more and more popular amongst architects, builders and homeowners, thanks to the combination of qualities such as their resistance, excellent technical performances and ecological features, but also because of their aesthetic and versatility – they satisfy all the requirements of the historic preservation of buildings but can also be used in the most modern and cutting-edge architectural projects.

An ecological choice

Choosing wood windows and balcony doors is choosing a 100% recyclable material and cherishing the environment and its resources, not just because the natural cycle is respected, but also because less energy is consumed during its production, thus lowering their carbon footprint.

Our wood windows and balcony doors have a 10-year warranty!

For visual examples, please visit our gallery.

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